Top Ten #17: Books that will Make You Swoon!

Its that time ladies (and gents) only a couple more days till the dreaded Valentines Day better known as Single’s Awareness Day (lol). All playing aside, it is a couple days before Valentines Day which means for a few hours (or days perhaps) love is in the air. This weeks Top Ten Tuesdays is show casing my top ten books (or more) that will indefinitely make you swoon; weak in the knees, heart pounding, corny one liners – types of romances.

I do love romance novels so this list was somewhat easy and hard for me to compile. I love the trashy romances novels, the young adult contemporaries, even the classics – there is something about romance novels that I just can’t get enough of; I binge read them, download them, one click them – it’s definitely a problem ladies I just can’t say no to the bad boys with hearts of gold *swoon* (lol). SO I hope you enjoy my list!

These books do not appear in any numerical order. 

#10: One Tiny Lie by K.A. Tucker – Your typical boy meets girl, girl gets drunk with boy and he gets a tattoo on his butt … no? Not typical? Well it was pretty damn funny and Ashton was one swoon worthy, one liner hottie in One Tiny Lie. The reason he is so swoon worthy is because he has one of the biggest selfless hearts there is. He is just as broken as Livie and they so belong together; I rooted for them till the end, and it was definitely worth all the drama to get to the swoon-worthy, weak in the knees, kissing scenes.

#9: Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines – Rush Finlay is definitely not your typical bad boy with a broken home – he is so much worse off. BUT all the drama, the mean words and loveless relationships, Rush and Blaire have one of the steamiest, butterflies in your stomach relationships there are! Blaire is a spit fire set on making herself known and Rush just wants her gone – she is too much of a distraction for him and his feelings are starting to surface. He is broken, and she has lost someone close to her yet they both can’t help but fall for one another. Commence swoonage.

#8: Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas – How could a Young Adult fantasy, adventure, assassin novel have SO MUCH SWOON?! Between Prince Dorian, and captain of the guard, Westfall how could a reader not fall for either of these strapping young men. Prince Dorian is well a prince, but he is a flirt, a ladies man, and a lonely romantic. Captain Westfall has honour, unwavering morals and yet still fell for the Assassin; he is such a helpless romantic fool when it comes to her and yet the entire book just breaks your heart cause SHE is stuck between the two of them. *sigh* love hurts (;

#7: Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren – Probably one of the most witty, sassy romance books I’ve read in a while! Bennett is one hell of an asshole but readers just gobble that up in a male protagonist. He isn’t without his charms though and Bennett is definitely charming in many many ways. Loaded with money, smarts, and his own business he wasn’t reading for Chloe which entertained us toe to toe with Bennett’s smart, wit and overall demeanour. Their office romance flourished and burned hot with every flip of the page and even though Bennett had me hating him and then loving him; he definitely will make you swoon.

#6: Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen – The classic! Who could say no to a Jane Austen romance novel AND Mr. Darcy! *swoon* This book will ALWAYS make this list because it was my first time I got a true character crush on Mr. Darcy. He is an arrogant, pompous, ass BUT he is a loving brother, a generous hero and a fierce lover. He IS the ideal romantic hero.

#5: Starling by Lesley Livingston – Another odd book to have on a “romance list” but then again Mason and Fennrys have one of those “connection romances” which you can’t help but swoon about. Its an undeniable attraction and connection that cannot be explained logically – its just love. *sigh* That is just major heart racing, weak in the knees, jaw dropping romance. Fenn is also tall dark AND handsome not too mention mysterious and fiercely loyal, all to Mason. A girl can dream of prince charming, white knights and honour, but I think I’ll take my chances with Fennrys Wolf.

#4: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon – Another “must read” book and book that will always make this list. Jamie & Claire, seriously the ultimate time travelling, love that will last all time sort of book. Jamie is MY ultimate dreamy guy, first off historical figure (sort of) and secondly, a buff, red haired, kilt wear, full blooded SCOTSMAN! A man with an accent is always drop dead sexy – major swoonage! Also, he is extremely loyal to Claire even though he doesn’t fully believe her time travelling story, or that fact she’s English. His love for her literally reaches through time. You can’t help but fall in love with this story.

#3: Rule by Jay Crownover – And here come the top three bad boys of swooning! Rule is one of the baddest of the bad – for good reason. I won’t spill any of his secrets because that would ruin the entirety of the story but Rule is a tattooed, mohawk wearing, tattoo artist, fierce lover. He feels unworthy of Shaw’s love, even of his families love so he rebels and in doing so it breaks your heart while also making you weak in the knees. You seriously can’t help but fall for him.

#2: Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire – Bad boy number two: Travis Maddox. Travis is another bad boy with a heart of gold, tattoos and a love so deep for Abby you cannot help but feel their pain, their happiness, their love and their happily ever after. This one liners, and pick up lines aren’t corny, their raw and emotional. He may have been the walking one night stand but after he met his pigeon – Abby Abernathy his heart was doomed. I couldn’t help but fall in love with someone so reckless with his heart, and yet so in love it blinded him at times. He is and will always be the fiercest lover thus far in my favourite novels.

#1: Crash Into You by Katie McGarry – Isaiah Walker, bad boy number three on the list. Isaiah has appeared in two novels before his own Dare You Too & Pushing the Limits, each time appearing as the best friend and the boy who was rejected. He’s another character that thinks he doesn’t deserve someone like Rachel. He likes fast cars, tattoos, fixing cars and racing them, and he loves Rachel. Another boy who loves too much and too hard – and I for one and a sucker each and every time. Each one of these “bad boys” has a tragic twisted tale of woe behind them which makes them love like there is no tomorrow. And thats just hot. The book itself though is told from two different perspectives and Rachel’s is just as passionate as well.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my list! How about you? Any books you’d like to add? Leave me a comment!

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