Top Ten #20: Unique Books!

Spring is upon us! (maybe). Its been raining the last couple days and everything is starting to smell like spring again and even look like it, which means sun, summer and summer reading. This weeks Top Ten Tuesday is all about unique books we’ve read. Unique being authors who have created books that have a spin on the genre, the voices are different, or perhaps they’re just written in a creative and distinct voice than the average romance, young adult, fantasy etc.

This list was very hard to make for me. I felt like the books I’ve chosen weren’t that unique or outrageous to some readers; but for me the first time I read them they were out of this world distinct, rare and beautifully creative! So I hope you all won’t judge me too much if this list seems a little mediocre compared to some.

This list appears in no numerical order.

#10: “Half Bad” by Sally Green – Half Bad is a beautiful and unique story told from in the mind of the character. You get to know Nathan from first person but ALSO third person so if you’re not into first person writing don’t fret, third person eventually comes. The reader really gets connected with Nathan in a way you wouldn’t normally get too with first or third, but a combo of both is very in-depth.

#9: “Fire” by Kristin Cashore – when I first read Fire it blew my mind on how magical and yet real it was. It takes place in the same realm as Graceling with some of the same characters but Fire is a human monster. She is gorgeous and usually when books portray gorgeous characters their good but in this case Cashore portrays her as a mind controlling monster BECAUSE of her beauty. Its a thrilling comparison of of good vs. evil. It is an extremely colourful novel and theme throughout.

#8: “Shatter Me” by Tahereh Mafi – Mafi created an exclusive unique world to Juliette; her thoughts are written down like a journal, scratched out and rewritten as she decides. The story itself is also extremely unique, the type of “dystopian” Mafi has written is incredibly different from the average one – these characters themselves are special. Everything about Shatter Me is unique.

#7: “Starling” by Lesley Livingston – Livingston always creates rare and creative worlds within her novels. She shapes and moulds historical periods into these beautiful stories, Starling is definitely one of those books. I’ve never read about Ragnorok before or norse mythology so this was definitely an unique experience.

#6: “Alice in Zombieland” by Gena Showalter – I usually stay away from these types of novels, the ones with titles like: “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” or “Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters” etc. But Showalter creative a distinct world where everything isn’t as it seems; zombies are a new wave of “cool” and I can definitely see why. It was a different read for me indefinitely and extremely different from the typical zombie-esq novel.

#5: “Crash Into You” by Katie McGarry – McGarry in all her novels creates unique story lines and unique formats for her novels. Each chapter is from either point of view and in different writing styles to represent those characters. Crash Into You is my favourite out of all 3 because of the completely opposite worlds that Isaiah and Rachel come from and the intensity and “realness” all these characters go through. They’re problems aren’t outrageous or unfathomable but real and true to life. Its an extreme contemporary that readers don’t normally find.

#4: “Across the Universe” by Beth Revis – outer space is not my thing. I just find it TOO unrealistic if that is even possible or probable. BUT that being said I gave Across the Universe a chance because of its unique storyline. It definitely wasn’t like anything I’ve read before, the genre which I can only categorize as post apocalyptic didn’t have zombies, or war, it had natural disaster and then the end of the world. Much more realistic than zombies yet still quite thrilling to read.

#3: “The Black Dagger Brotherhood” by JR Ward – not only is this series one of the longest I’ve ever read the story lines from the beginning to start have a continuous storyline. The brothers each have a novel and appear in the others. Their voices are all distinct and the stories, although all telling a larger plot, are still very different from one another. The bonds of brotherhood are clearly evident within these novels, and hearing these stories from males point of views is extremely different for me.

#2: “The Lunar Chronicles” by Marissa Meyer – readers will never find another novel like these. The Lunar Chronicles are without a doubt the most unique stories I’ve ever read, even though they’re re-tellings of fairy tale classics! Fairy tales that take place in outer space, in a dystopian Asia, space ships, space stations, etc. Its extremely rare and I haven’t found another novel like these.

#1: “Rule” by Jay Crownover – Bad boys! This is not your mamma’s romance ladies. Crownover takes bad boys and magnifies them to the most tattooed, different, broken and baddest boys you’ll find between two pages of a novel. You may THINK you’ve read about bad boys; about the motorcycles, piercings, mohawks and late night stands but you haven’t met Rule, Nash, Jet or the rest of the tattooed mark men. If you want one hell of a roller coaster of different, rare and distinct voices, actions and plot these books are for you.

What unique reads do you have on your list? Leave a comment with your link so we can compare! (:

8 thoughts on “Top Ten #20: Unique Books!

  1. Oh, I loved Fire and how Cashore kind of turned around the Beauty and the Beast thing! (I liked Graceling even more though, because Katsa and Po are my favorites :D)

    The Lunar chronicle books are the best when it comes to retellings! I love that series SO MUCH!

  2. I have Shatter Me on mine too! It’s really quite unique, with the way it mixes superpowers and dystopian, too, right?! Gah, I LOVE Half Bad!! It must be one of the most brilliant books I’ve read this year. Intense, intense love. ;) My TTT!

  3. This list is SO great. Half Bad was like nothing I have read. I have been passing it around to everyone i know! Across the Universe is one of my favorite series. I loved every page. I sitll need to read The Lunar Chronicles. They seem to be on lists every single week.

  4. Love your list. Have only read Across the Universe, but the other books look interesting. Will be checking them out :)

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