Top Ten #21: Bookish Items!

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday is showcasing some oft he great bookish items (not necessarily books) that I would love to own! Some of the items are jewellery, bookends, T-shirts, bags, nick nacks, etc. BUT they all have one fabulous thing in common … they are ALL book orientated! This weeks list was fun to create and reminded me of all the wonderfully unique items out there that definitely describe that inner book nerd always trying to break loose!



#10: Bookish Tattoos – I already have a few on my feet, but I’d like some more. Bigger quotes I think I’ve decided on. I love the different script work tattoo artists can do now a days, and I think that if it was good enough for someone to publish well its unique enough (and special enough – to me at least) to be printed on my body! (the link will take you to a Pinterest page dedicated to different bookish tattoos)

#9: “Book/End” Book Ends - What a novel idea! I adore unique and witty book ends! There’s a ton on the etsy page I found these on – just click the link!

#8: Invisible Bookshelves – I’d love a pair or more of these invisible bookshelves! I think it would be so cool/neat to just have stacks of floating books all over a room!

#7: Shoulder Swag: For the Mr. Darcy Swoon-er – I adore this bag just as much as I adore the quote! Probably one of the most romantic quotes I read in my youth!

#6: A Book Nerd Staircase – I definitely MUST HAVE one of these staircases in my house. This is why I will always look for a house with a set of stairs just so one day I can paint it like so!

#5: Wingardium Leviosa Mug – to relive that moment again and again, even after all this time! … Always. And because I am a mug obsessed collector!

#4: Middle Earth Map Leggings – I’d never be lost again! And if I’m going to (and HAVE to wear pants) it might as well be a map of Middle Earth!

#3: Deathly Hallow Earrings - really want to drive your Harry Potter nostalgia home? A pair of these deathly hallows hanging from your lobes should do the trick!

#2: Statement T-Shirt (F*ck Off! I’m Reading!) – every once in a while there’s this part in your current read where you just can’t put it down and people, every single person who wouldn’t talk to you on a normal day decides to start a conversation with you right at the pinnacle point. This t-shirt says it all to discourage those who’d think about starting a convo.

#1: Sherlock Holmes Book Scarf - for the inner detective in all of us! It’s stylish yet bookish at the same time; it’ll definitely draw some stares especially when waiting in line at your local coffee shop or book store. Probably also a great conversation starter!

Leave a comment with your link! I’ll be sure to check out your list! (:

8 thoughts on “Top Ten #21: Bookish Items!

  1. I really would love to get a bookish tattoo that says “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” But my body is the worst for foreign things entering it. I had my ears pierced twice and both times they closed up and got infected right away. Even now, I haven’t worn earrings in 8 years, but my ears are still sensitive and get infected easily. So my family would kill me if I got a tattoo since they’re convinced my body would rebel.
    And I love those bookends — I want one too!
    Great list :)

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