Top Ten #22: Characters Who Stole My Heart

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday is 1) on time ! (yay me :D) and 2) a super fun topic! Characters Who Stole my Heart – I think this was one of the most enjoyable topics I had to compile a list for. I was very particular in my list as well and tried to include a mixture of “swoon-worthy” characters who stole my heart and also strong willed, determined heroines who stole my heart with their awesomeness! It becomes increasingly more difficult on a yearly basis when there are so many books and characters constantly being introduced so I also tried to include a bunch of classic characters as well, just to mix it up!



#10: Daemon: Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout – Daemon & Katy’s story has yet to come to an end BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t remember their very first meeting! Shy but feisty Katy & coy, playful albeit sort of a douche Daemon. He definitely stole my heart with his flirtatious and almost mock attitude towards Katy. But also because under all the angst, drama and walls Daemon is a sweet and gold of heart kind of boy.

#9: Isaiah: Crash Into You by Katie McGarry – Isaiah first appeared in Pushing the Limits and then Dare You Too as the best friend, and friend-zoned guy. He just couldn’t get his way and his angst, foster kid attitude made him appear to be just a miserable kid. But under all that there was a smart, grease monkey who just wanted to feel what his friends around him were feeling: love. His bad boy attitude drew me to his story but his faithfulness and protective nature made me stay.

#8: Karou: Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor – the character of Karou surprised me. I thought before I began reading that she’d be the typical “damsel in distress” sort of gal, but right off the bat she was a strong willed, determined heroine who just wanted to know WHERE she came from and WHO she was. She had sparked a comradery within me because of her to easily broken trust, and I just felt like I could easily connect with and befriend her. She was such a rebel WITH a cause!

#7: Jamie: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon – One of my first REAL grown up fictional crushes. Not a young adult, swoon worthy, boy but a down to earth true butterflies in the stomach Scottish man. Jamie definitely stole my heart throughout the entire series and there will ALWAYS be a place for him there. He was innocent and sweet, which is unusual for an adult romance and younger than Claire but he loved her through time as it was and undyingly devoted himself to her. *fans self* that’s love!

#6: Alanna: Alanna: The First Adventure by Tamora Pierce – my very first adventure heroine! I adored and worshiped Alanna for most of my childhood; she turned the tables towards what she wanted and didn’t relent for her entire life. She buckled down and proved herself worthy of her male equivalents in clearly a male dominated world and time. I couldn’t help but idolize her.

#5: Captain Thorne: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer – I am always a weak one when it comes to the rogues in the group. The pirates and rebels or whatever you may be – if you’re a roguish character I’ll probably adore all your quips, your swoon worthy smirk, and all to knowing good looks. Captain Thorne does not shy from being openly gawked at nor does he make it any more known he likes it. He is flirtatious, outrageously full of himself but I for one couldn’t deny him a tiny piece of my heart. Everyone loves a rebel!

#4: Travis: Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire – As it may be everyone ALSO loves the bad boy. Travis indefinitely is the bad boy of his group of brothers and is even more prominent in his own book. From his point of view we get a better understanding of WHY he fights and WHY he is a bad boy: his mother who passed away. *awww* I know you just collectively sighed with me and hence this bad boy TRULY has a heart of gold.

#3: Rhage: Lover Eternal by J.R. Ward – The second “bad boy” to make the list. Not truly a boy but a man and a vampire as well. Rhage all his life has been cursed with an unquenchable thirst, and rage as it may be. He finds his solace in a human woman and their love could transcend time if need be. Out of all the brothers he is by far one of my favourites (Zsadist also makes my list). He reminds me of a young boy in a mans body: playful and cute.

#2: Nash: Nash (A Marked Men Novel) by Jay Crownover – The LAST bad boy on my list. And he has ALWAYS been a favourite of mine since the very first book of the Marked Men series. Nash always seemed a little broken, and out of sorts in the other books – not truly knowing why he is unwanted by everyone. He found himself in his own novel, and with that came a romantic I didn’t know existed. He is all tattoos, attitude and sex appeal but more so he is a hopeless romantic showing it in truly creative and one of a kind ways. I couldn’t help but give a piece of my heart to him, and all his glorious colour.

#1: Sirius Black: Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling – Everyone has their favourite Harry Potter character may it be Luna, Neville, Snape, Hermione, even Harry! Mine throughout reading the novels was ALWAYS without a doubt – Sirius Black! I loved how he gave hope to Harry and the Order and in the end was always with Harry in everything he did. It was a bitter sweet death for me when he did die and I always cry no matter how many times I watch the movies (even though I know its coming). That’s how you truly know the value of a character. Even after all this time? Always.

What’s on your list? Leave your link in the comments! I read every. single. one! (:

10 thoughts on “Top Ten #22: Characters Who Stole My Heart

  1. Oof right where it hurts – Always. Sirius is probably my favourite character as well – the fifth book pretty much devastated me. (It’s also the angriest I ever remember being at a book as a kid since Laurie ended up with Amy in Little Women). And Alanna is my homeslice! Tamora Pierce is probably the biggest portion of my staple book diet, and Alanna was my very first kickass heroine, so she will always have a special place in my heart. And I really love Karou as well – it’s interesting how much of her personality is the same/different….spoiler things haha

  2. Wahh, so great list! Definitely yes to Daemon Black, and double yes to Captain Thorne! I haven’t read Cress yet but I’m really hoping that we get more of him in it (or at least in the future books). I just kept giggling to everything he said, he’s definitely one of my favourite minor characters EVER. :) And oh Sirius. No words really for him, right?

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