Top Ten #23: Books If You Like HISTORICAL TV Shows


I have a confession to make – I LOVE binge watching TV shows! When I’m not reading, I am usually either at the gym for a reluctant hour and a bit (lol), or I am binge watching TV shows. New shows, old shows, especially historical shows; Game of Thrones, Reign, Vikings, Rome, the Tudors, Merlin – you get the point. I love em! So this weeks Top Ten Tuesday is none other than some of MY favourite books if you like historical TV shows.



#10: “A Game of Thrones” by George R.R. Martin – an obvious choice but a great one nonetheless! The world that Martin has created is one of medieval turmoil with kings, queens, damsels, princes and dragons! Who wouldn’t want all that in a fantasy, historical era novel!

#9: “Song of the Lioness” by Tamora Pierce – not entirely historical in a sense of truth but everything that happens within the novel has a historical backing to it. Pierce creates an entire realm of novels that have a medieval feel with lady knights, wizards and adventures that only history can deliver!

#8: “Graceling” by Kristin Cashore – another fantastical medieval novel. Set in far off places with magical, strong woman but just as strong men characters. Set over three novels with cross characters this novel definitely has a bit of Game of Thrones and a bit of Song of the Lioness as well.

#7: “The Ring and the Crown” by Melissa De La Cruz – this novel is based on historical events but they have been changed to suit the story. What happen if England kept control over France? What if they never colonized the Americas fully? What if they had merlin and magic as their protection. This book encompasses many legends and stories of Merlin but also historical facts that have been changed. Its wonderfully creative!

#6: “Outlander” by Diana Gabaldon – now this series of novels ARE based on historical events and facts just not the people. Set in Jacobian Scotland AND after World War 1 – a time traveling romance series that literally extends through time. It is rich in culture and history, along with a personal connection to the characters and events of that time.

#5: “Gilt” by Katherine Longshore – based in the Tudor era, Longshore’s novels discuss the other women in the court of King Henry. The unique characters, their trials and tribulations and their swooning romances make the Tudor era more magical than already thought. Longshore brings an entirely new look to the era, and is refreshing.

#4: “Rift” by Andrea Cremer – Cremer has written a prelude to her Nightshade series happening in the times of convents and the witch trials. ALTHOUGH that being said these books take place outside of the religious boundaries and discuss the slayers of evil & demons. Exquisitely written and colourful with historical details this book is definitely a favourite.

#3: “Once Every After” by Lesley Livingston – for the reader looking for a classical history fantasy tale, Livingston creates a time traveling teenager back to the age of the Celtic warriors. Queen Boudica is one of the central historical characters and figures of the era. Its a bit more fantastical than most historical novels but still rich in the era.

#2: “Unspeakable” by Caroline Pignat – I’m not quite done this novel yet and its not out yet BUT it is utterly amazing! A Canadian accident turned tragic but then turned into a whirlwind romantic! Its like the Titanic but more Canadian!

#1:  “The Other Boleyn Girl” by Philippa Gregory – obviously this book is on the list. It inspired so many great novels and even a movie (that I adore!) Taken place in the tudor era in one of the most prominent courts and about one of the most famous woman of British history. It is always a go to historical novel I suggest, even though it may not be entirely accurate (I know things get lost in translation) but still it is a wonderful read!

SO there is my list for this week! Enjoy it? Let me know in the
comments & leave your link!

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