My Life in a Nutshell: April-June Update

So you may all be wondering where the hell I’ve been lately! Maybe not though, I’m not always on here when life gets hectic or stressful or just life like. Although this time There is a reason why I’ve been literally AWOL for the past month and a bit, drum roll please:

Humber Creative Book Publishing Program

Ta da! I know right – you’re all wondering “what the bloody hell is that?” Well it is exactly what it sounds like: a program built to teach students about the creative book publishing world! Cool right? And the perfect place for someone like me.

Honestly I hadn’t a clue what to do with my life after Brock University and two degrees later, but then I heard through the grape vine how there was a program dedicated in the education of the book publishing world. It started during the last week of April, and goes right through till the second week of August – its an intensive unit covering everything from editorial, business planning, cover designs, technological advances, sales, marketing – the list goes on and on and on! Its so much information and yet such a short period of time. Definitely intense is the word I would use to describe it.

Homework has been taking up a ton of my time because of how muchthere is but also the group work and the fast pace it drains me. I also have been commuting from Niagara which has given the notion I would DEFINITELY move to the wonderful world of Toronto and not drive everyday on the god forsaken QEW – it is hell, and I have an overt amount of anger towards the traffic update signs; they’re either unhelpful telling me what highway we’re on or which one is coming up OR they tell me all my routes I need to take are moving at the speed of a crippled turtle and that just angers me as well. There is no win win.

Other than that, I had my 25th birthday at the end of April which was amazing! I got two surprise birthday parties from my loving significant other, Joe and my mom as well. I’ve also made some AMAZING new friends that I can definitely tell are going to be around for a loooong time to come: Shari, Krista, Emily, Caroline, Gina, Leah & Erica – are all in the Humber CBPP with me and they are all wonderful in their own unique way, but we all love books! Obsessively sometimes. They’ve also introduced me to Tumblr, which is a deep dark hole you can loose yourself in.

Although with all these changes and new friends, and excitement in my life, there is always something missing it feels. Books. I haven’t been able to read a FULL book in the last month – it is depressing guys. Seriously. Im an addict going through withdrawal issues here and its making me moody and angry, and just a whole bunch of sad as well.

But hopefully this upcoming weekend I will be able to binge read all the books piling up on my night stand table and get some reviews or blog posts of some sort done and published.

I hope this explains why I’ve been so A.W.O.L. as well as randomly logging onto social media every now and then in down time.

Ask questions in the comment section if you want to know more about the program or publishing or anything!

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